Nullus Anxietas: It Means “No Worries”

We provide professional webhosting for your personal and family needs. We offer full support and easy-to-use setups, whether you want to use WordPress, some other software, or a custom website we set up for you and show you how to use.

Our job is to make your life as easy and simple as possible. Whatever your level of expertise, from novice to geek: We can provide the services you need and make things work.

 A Brief Intro To How We Can Help

So what can we do for you?

  • A portal for your family to share things important to them. WordPress is a great platform for this. If you’ve used a word processor, you can use WordPress.
  • A photo gallery for you to share your pictures.
  • A static website that’s pretty easy to update and looks professional.
  • A blog to publish what’s going on in your life.
  • So much more…


The two major components to pricing are the monthly hosting fee, as well as any setup/design fees.

We have two basic hosting plans. To keep things simple, we start everyone on the $4/month or $40/year plan, which should handle most sites with no problems. If you site grows, we might have to upgrade you to the $7/month or $70/year plan, but very few should need this. And if you happen to need even more, we’ll give you a fair deal based on what you actually need.

Setup and design fees simply depend on your needs. Most web software can be set up for less than $100 including a mini boot camp to show you how it all works. If you’re willing to read tutorials we can point you to on the web, it can bring the fees down to quite a bit less.

Either way, we provide help and support.